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We are proud to service all of Edmonton, and have exterminators working in North Edmonton right now! 

With years of experience, we bring a proven solution to clients that rid them of unwanted pests. We guarantee it!

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Bed Bug Removal North Edmonton

Finding out that you have a bed bug infestation isn’t something people are happy about. 
Nor would they wish that on anyone else. 
But the situation does arise from time to time. And you need help from a professional bed bug exterminator to handle the situation. And avoid it occurring again! 

That’s why Edmonton’s Bed Bug Specialists at Professional Pest Management is your best chance at overcoming these pests and quickly. Conveniently located exterminators in North Edmonton. We have a very comprehensive approach to exterminating Bed Bugs. We combine both the heat method and the insecticide method. Combining both methods has produced the best results we have seen for our clients. 

 And most often, you only require the one treatment to remove the bed bugs from your home. Actually, we guarantee that for a full 1 year! You can trust us on this. We have been the best Edmonton Bed Bug exterminators for more than a decade. And we have helped countless individuals out over the years. 

North Edmonton's Trusted Bed Bug Extermination Service

Our Bed Bug Extermination Service is available to all clients, all locations, and all situations.  We have seen it all and we have won the battle against bed bugs.  Over and Over again.
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Residential Bed Bug Exterminator

When bed bugs present themselves in your home space, the quicker you act - the better.  Our aim is to return you to normal life as quickly as possible.  And we will do just that.

Commercial Bed Bug Exterminator

Every client we serve is treated with the most dignity and respect as possible.  We understand the need to be discrete.  And we respect both you, your possessions, and your property.

Industrial Bed Bug Exterminator

We have treated bed bug infestations in some really peculiar situations and locations.  We could write a book about that - but we wouldn't.  The point is, we have seen it all and treated it all.

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Bed Bug Assessment

When you call us, we will come to you and assess the situation.  Please know that there is no shame associated with bed bugs.  We do not want you feeling uncomfortable at all.  These pests show up in some of the best homes in Edmonton, much to the surprise of the owners!  Our team of exterminators are very discreet in all that we do, from our vehicles to our uniforms.  So please make that call as soon as you suspect you may have an infestation.  

Quote for Bed Bug Extermination

If, after checking out the situation, we do determine that there are bed bugs present, we will provide you with a quote for our services.  And we will also provide you with information on the steps that have to be done prior to our arrival for the treatment.  We will make sure that we take the time to discuss all of this with you and answer any questions you may have.  

Bed Bug Treatment

Once the pre-treatment steps are completed, we arrive on the scene and we will take care of your bed bugs so that things can begin to return to normal. We will also be monitoring your home for the next 3 months to ensure we took care of all the bed bugs.

1 Year Guarantee on Bed Bug Extermination

We are the only Bed Bug Exterminators in Edmonton that offer this kind of “knock out punch” for their clients. And we stand firmly behind our services. So firmly that we offer a full 1 year warranty on our services! 

We have served many clients over the years in North Edmonton and all of our city. And we have assisted people in need in Sherwood Park, St Albert, and Fort Saskatchewan as well.

Payment Plan Option

We also offer payment arrangements if that is what you need. We want to make sure that you get the help you need when you need it! 

Putting off any kind of treatment is not your best option. And using another business who might be priced lower can lead to lower results! 

If you need us, we are happy to discuss payment arrangements during your consultation.  
Pest Control Bed Bugs Edmonton
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Professional Pest Management for North Edmonton

You do not need to wait for office hours to contact us.  Your bed bugs sure don’t observe 9 to 5 office hours! 
We are available 24/7.  You call us and we will come to you.  Day or night.  
Bed Bug Exterminator Edmonton North
Professional Pest Management North Edmonton

Why Choose Us for Bed Bug Removal in North Edmonton

We really understand what we are up against.  We have study bed bugs and know a great deal about them, their life cycle, and habits.  

When you hire a professional Bed Bug exterminator like us, you can rest assured that we will not lose this battle or any other bed bug battle.  Our method of removal has been tested over and over again with 100% effectiveness results.  That’s a very bold claim to make – we know!  But it is true!  

And we will also leave you with knowledge of how to avoid any future infestations.  You can even share that information with friends and family, which we are sure they will appreciate! 

It is very unlikely that you may be searching online for who does bed bug removal or extermination for a future need.  NO!  You most likely have your suspicions right now that you may have these unwanted pests!  

At the first sign of concern, give us a call.  Let us come and take a look at your situation to determine if you are experiencing a bed bug infestation.  It is very beneficial to get on this as soon as you have concerns.  Afterall, the quicker we can help you exterminate the bed bugs, the quicker your home will return to normal.  

Call Us Today.  We are here to help you anytime you are dealing with bed bugs.    
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